Psychotherapy Clinic

1. Goals

Introduction to the project

Psychotherapy clinic named "Rozwiązania Istnieją" sought to rebrand its digital presence to reflect a modern, intuitive, and professional aesthetic, while optimizing its website for SEO.

2. Strategy

Project assumption

The rebranding journey commenced with meticulous planning, starting with wireframing the new website and creating an SEO-optimized site map. This initial phase was crucial for laying down the foundational structure of the website, identifying key features, and ensuring that the rebrand would meet the SEO objectives set forth by the client.
Following the planning phase, the focus shifted towards crafting a fresh UI design for both the website and the appointment booking platform. Abiding by the brand guidelines provided by the client, every element of the digital interface, from landing pages to customer reviews and payment gateways, was meticulously designed. The new design not only aligned with the rebranded identity but also enhanced user experience, making it easy for visitors to navigate through the site and book appointments with the clinic's specialists.

Rebranding Visual Identity

Appointment System


Web Development

Which tools were used
in the project?​

3. Implementation

How was the project implemented?

For the implementation, WordPress was chosen as the CMS platform, catering to the client's need for managing educational blog posts effortlessly. The flexibility of WordPress, coupled with a page builder, empowered the clinic's marketing team to create landing pages swiftly within their ecosystem. Additionally, custom post types for specialist and business customer reviews were implemented, facilitating the easy generation of new subpages on the platform. A pivotal feature of this rebranding was the integration of a booking system, wherein each specialist had their own calendar. This system, named 'Bookers,' was seamlessly integrated into the new site, thus streamlining the appointment scheduling process for both the clinic and its clients.

4. Effects

Results of our activities

This rebranding case encapsulates a well-rounded approach towards revamping "Rozwiązania Istnieją"'s digital identity. It not only met the aesthetic and functional goals but also ensured that the website's structure and content were optimized for SEO, which is instrumental in enhancing online visibility and attracting more visitors. Through careful planning, adept design, and thoughtful implementation, the clinic successfully transitioned into a modern digital space, poised to provide invaluable mental health support while reaching a broader audience online.


5. Reference

A few words from the client