1. Goals

Introduction to the project

The main goal of the project was to create a website focused on promoting the #iCoat brand and showcasing its top products. The website was intended to be interactive, aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and aligned with the best UX/UI practices. Additionally, the website was meant to be responsive, adapting to various devices and screen resolutions.

2. Strategy

Project assumption

Our agency recommended focusing on creating an attractive, aesthetic website that reflects the #iCoat brand's character. We emphasized an intuitive UI/UX, ensuring easy navigation and responsiveness on various devices. We suggested market analysis within the fashion industry to tailor the project to current trends and customer preferences, along with SEO optimization and pre-launch testing. These recommendations allowed us to achieve the goal of creating an effective #iCoat website.

Web design

Web development

Content creating


Which tools were used
in the project?​

3. Implementation

How was the project implemented?

During the website creation project for the #iCoat brand, our agency went through several key stages. At the beginning of the project, understanding the client's needs was a priority. We started with extensive consultations to learn about the brand's goals, values, and expectations for the website. Next, we conducted an analysis of the clothing market and competition, allowing us to tailor the project to current market needs. When designing the user interface, we focused on aesthetics and consistency, taking into account the brand's image and capturing users' attention.

4. Effects

Results of our activities

The project concluded with the creation of the iCoat website, which was not only visually appealing but also met all of the client's objectives. Thanks to a professional approach to the project and consideration of the client's needs and market trends, the project was successful and contributed to an increase in the brand recognition of #iCoat.


5. Reference

A few words from the client