Foundation for History and Business Support

1. Goals

Introduction to the project

The project began with a detailed meeting with the client, the Foundation for History and Business Support in honor of Kordian Tarasiewicz. During this meeting, we understood the goals and needs of the foundation and identified the main project objectives. One of the key goals was to create a website that not only presented the foundation in an attractive and professional manner but also allowed for online donations. We conducted a competitive market analysis and identified target groups, which allowed us to determine the prioritized content and features for the website.

2. Strategy

Project assumption

After analyzing the data gathered in the first stage, we proposed comprehensive solutions. They included creating a modern website in line with the foundation's visual identity. We also recommended the development of an online payment system to facilitate donations. Our recommendations were accepted by the client, providing the basis for further work on the project, including the creation of graphic designs and user interface prototypes.


Web Design

Web Development

Donate System

Which tools were used
in the project?​

3. Implementation

How was the project implemented?

After the approval of the graphic design and prototypes, we proceeded to the implementation phase. A team of programmers worked on the implementation of the website and the online payment system. We ensured proper security measures to guarantee the safety of user data and their payments. After the completion of the technical work, the website underwent thorough testing to ensure that it operates smoothly and meets all the established objectives.

4. Effects

Results of our activities

After the completion of the project's implementation, the foundation received a new website that not only looked visually appealing but also fulfilled all of its objectives. The website served as a professional showcase for the foundation, capturing the attention of potential donors. Thanks to the implemented online payment system, the foundation could accept donations online, which had a positive impact on the number of contributions to the foundation.


5. Reference

A few words from the client