1. Goals

Introduction to the project

The project to create a website for the Allmed school began with project introduction. The school had specific goals, such as promoting its educational offerings, simplifying the recruitment process, and increasing information accessibility. During this stage, we conducted a user needs analysis using surveys and interviews with current students. This allowed us to understand what potential students expected and what features would be useful for them.

2. Strategy

Project assumption

Based on the results of the user needs analysis, we recommended specific solutions. We designed a responsive website, focusing on its aesthetics and usability. We adopted an approach in line with the best UX/UI practices. Additionally, we proposed the creation of an online enrollment system to streamline the recruitment process. Our recommendations were tailored to the client's goals and aimed at maximizing project efficiency.

Customer development

Web Design

Web Development

Content Creating

Which tools were used
in the project?​

3. Implementation

How was the project implemented?

After the client approved our recommendations, we proceeded to implement the project. This involved creating the website according to the approved design, with an emphasis on responsiveness and fast loading times. We also implemented the online enrollment system, carefully integrating it with the school's database. The next step was training the staff to enable them to effectively manage content on the website and handle the enrollment system. We conducted quality tests to ensure that everything worked correctly and met expectations.

4. Effects

Results of our activities

As a result of our work, the Allmed school received a modern website that was visually appealing and functional. The website met the client's goals by presenting its educational offerings, simplifying the recruitment process through the online enrollment system, and providing easy access to information for students and potential students. The project was executed in accordance with the client's guidelines and adhered to the best UX/UI practices, contributing to a positive reception by users and the increased effectiveness of Allmed School.


5. Reference

A few words from the client